888bets Moçambique Guide – Register And Login To 888Bets (2024)

888bets was founded in 1997. Soon after its inception, the new millennium online gambling boom ensued and as such, the betting site quickly grew to become one of the world’s most recognisable gambling brands. From the onset, 888bets had one mission in mind that is, to offer top quality gambling products to all types of gamblers be it casino players or sports punters. This guide provided by Mozambet.com

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During the early years of 888bets, its target market was the European continent. The brand enjoyed so much success in Europe that it decided to spread its wings to other parts of the globe. That saw the brand establish operations in various jurisdictions including America and Asian continents. Africa had to wait a little longer to welcome 888bets but it eventually did so in March of 2022 when 888Africa was launched.

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The launch of 888Africa meant that 888bets was to set up shop in several African countries. One of these countries was Mozambique. In no time after the launch of 888Africa, 888bets Mozambique was already live and accepting players. both casino players and sports punters were and are still being accepted at 888bets. On offer at the platform are loads upon loads of high-quality gambling products. Its not just the traditional gambling products that are offered such as slots, table and card games as well as betting on popular sports. Rather, 888bets Mozambique offers even the refreshingly new and unique casino games such as Aviator. more on this later.

All those who are looking to learn more about 888bets Mozambique in detail simply need to continue reading this guide. Just as a little motivation for them, we want to assure everyone that 888bets operates legally in Mozambique. Once players grasp all there is to know about 888bets, they can proceed to register their accounts knowing fully well that they together with all the data they share are safe and secure. This necessitated by the fact that 888bets uses industry standard SSL bit encryption technology to protect player data and its regulated and licensed by the Mozambique Inspector General of Gaming.

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888bets Moçambique Registration Guide

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i. Before players can start playing their favourite games or placing bets on various sports events, the first thing that they need to do is register their accounts. To initiate the registration process, players should launch the official 888bets Mozambique site first

ii. When the landing page loads, navigate to the header tab and click the ‘Join Now’ button

iii. Proceed to input your mobile phone number and preferred password when the registration form appears

iv. Go through the Terms and Conditions and tap the Ts and Cs box to confirm that you agree to everything you have read. The Terms and Conditions title is hyperlinked hence by simply clicking it, you are immediately redirected to the Terms and Conditions page. Additionally, note that when you tap the Terms and Conditions tab, you will also be acknowledging that you are above 18 years of age

v. Click the yellow ‘Join Now’ button

vi. Check your mobile phone for the 888bets SMS with an account verification code

vii. Enter the code on the registration form to complete the process and become the newest player at 888bets Mozambique.

*A key thing to note is that the above registration steps apply both to desktop registrations and mobile device registrations.

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888bets moçambique Login Guide

The registration process is a process that you do only once at 888bets. Once you become a member, all you will need to do in future whenever you want to access your account portal is to undertake the login process. The steps to follow in completing the login process are outlined below. Note that even when you lose your security credentials, you don’t need to register another account. Rather, all you need is to load the login page and click the ‘Forgot Password’ button to pick new security credentials.

i. Step number 1 is to launch the official 888bets Mozambique site

ii. Navigate to the header tab on the landing page and click the ‘Login’ button

iii. Enter your security credentials that is, your mobile phone number and password

vi. Click the ‘Login’ button to access your account portal.

*One of the most impressive things necessitated by technological advancements is that when accessing your account portal via some browsers, you may be asked if you want the browser to automatically save your security credentials during this process. If you authorise this action, you will bypass the login process in future. However, its recommended to only authorise if you are the sole user of the device.

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888bets Mozambique Casino Games

From 1997, the time when the first 888bets site launched, the platform had one mission. This mission was to offer high quality gambling products to all types of gamblers. Many years later, 888bets’ Mozambique site is also guided by this same mission. This therefore means all gamblers who settle at the platform are guaranteed to find something that suit their preference. To put this into perspective, below we expose the gambling portfolios available at 888bets Mozambique.

  • Aviator: There is a portfolio titled Aviator at 888bets. The uniqueness of this portfolio is that when players enter, they only find one game which goes by the same name, Aviator. this game plays in real time 24/7 meaning at anytime that players enter the Aviator portfolio, they can place their bets and immediately join in the fun. Aviator is a plane themed game in which a plane takes to the sky and in doing so, attracts a progressive multiplier as it reaches higher altitudes. The plane however may fly away at any time hence players need to cash out before it flies away. However, there is a need to strike a balance in picking the right moment to cash out when the multiplier is at its highest to guarantee winning a handsome payout. More impressive about the game is that it has social and interactive features hence you can chat with fellow players during the gaming session!
  • Lite Games: All other casino games offered at the casino are stacked inside the Lite Games portfolio. Some popular titles that players will find in this lobby include Supersonic, Archeo, Taxi Crash, Supersonic, Plinko, Rock Paper Scissors, Neon Dice, Monkey Bizniz, Soccer Mania, Gold Rush, Jungle Gems, Sweet Miner, Aviator, Bank or Bust.

888bets Mozambique Sports Betting

Sports punters are also well catered for at 888bets. There are different products that punters can choose from when looking to place their bets. These are as follows:

  • Sports Betting: In the generic sports betting lobby, players are offered the chance to place both pre match and live bets on a wide variety of sports which include football, basketball, tennis, American football, boxing, cricket, darts, UFC, motor sport, volleyball and rugby league. There are dozens of betting markets to choose from when looking to place the bets.
  • Virtual Sports: In the virtual sports lobby, players get the chance to place bets on simulated sports events which include the England League, Spain League, Football Cup Qatar 22, Africa Cup Nations.
  • eSports: The eSports lobby caters to players who would love to engage in electronic sports betting.

888bets Mozambique Betting Features

To ensure that players reap more benefits from their gambling adventures, 888bets Mozambique does offer some incredible betting features which include:

  • Jackpots: Every week, 888bets does offer some preselected sports events in the form of sports jackpots. punters are afforded the chance to predict the match results for all the preselected events. If punters get all predictions correct, they will win a huge jackpot prize. Consolation prizes are awarded to those who fall narrowly short of getting all the predictions correct.
  • Live Betting: Even after an event has commenced, players can still place their bets thanks to the live betting feature.
  • Mobile App: 888bets does have a mobile app which players can download directly from the official website.

888bets Bonuses and Promotions

Whether you are a new punter or an existing account holder, 888bets does offer a whole range of enticing and lucrative bonuses and promotions to make your gambling adventure more worthwhile. There are some constant perks which you can claim at any time but there is also some rolling basis which you can claim only at specific periods when their running window is open. To stay in the loop about the currently running perks, it’s important that you constantly check 888bets’ Promotions Page.

Presently, the offered perks include:

  • Welcome Offer: New punters at 888bets Mozambique who make their first deposit and proceed to place a first bet of at least 100 MT with minimum 2 selections at odds higher than 3.0 will automatically receive a free bet of 100% the stake up to 1,000 MT
  • Sport Freebets Rain: Every week during the 2023/24 football season, 888bets will be giving away 60,000 MT in free bets. The only requirement is to place football bets. Once done, players are automatically entered into the running for weekly prizes.
  • Aviator Promotions: First time depositors at 888bets Mozambique can claim the Aviator Free bets of up to 500 MT once their first deposit goes through
  • Aviator Rain: All players who play the Aviator game can claim free bets every day. Every week, 888bets avails 500,000 MT prize pool which lucky players will share
  • Supersonic Rain: All players who play the Supersonic game stand a chance of sharing a 45,000 MT prize pool every single week
  • Multi Bonus: Place a multi-bet with at least 3 selections and up to 50 selections and stand a chance of winning up to 500% extra cash on your winnings if your bets are successful. The great thing about this extra cash is that its automatically added to your bet slip
  • Bet Supercharge: When players place a 10+ selection ACCA on midweek football events, they will receive an additional 50% winnings boost if their bets are successful
  • VIP Club: All players at 888bets who place a single deposit which matches the entry threshold for the VIP Club will automatically enter the club. Depending on their deposit, they may enter the club on any stage which starts from the Bronze, Silver, Gold to Platinum Level. VIP Club benefits include access to weekly bonuses and promotions, priority banking deposits and withdrawals, birthday and anniversary gifts, and assigned account managers.

888bets Mozambique Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, the banking methods that players can use include:

  • Movitel
  • Vodacom
  • M-Pesa
  • e-Mola.

To ensure that players don’t have to struggle in looking for the cashier section, 888bets placed it adjacent to the ‘Login’ button on the header tab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Which are the customer support platforms available at 888bets Mozambique?

888bets Mozambique’s customer support platforms include the online form and the live chat both of which are accessible upon launching the website

Q2. What’s the minimum age required for one to register an account at 888bets Mozambique?

To register an account at 888bets Mozambique, players need to have attained at least 18 years.

Q3. Is 888bets Mozambique a licensed betting site?

Yes, Elephant Bet Mozambique is licensed and regulated by the Inspector General of Gaming.


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888bets Moçambique Guide – Register And Login To 888Bets (2024)
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